Introduction: How to Make S'mores

Step 1: You Start With Getting the Ingredients

The ingredients you want are cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, a pointed stick with no bark or a hot dog cooker. You will want to fire will almost no coals and mainly flames. I use those cookies cause they already have chocolate already on them so it's easier

Step 2: The Fire

You want to start a fire and have it going good for a while then let it die down to almost coals cause it's easier to cook with coals and not flames. I was inside cause it was snowing outside so I didn't have a outside fire going

Step 3: Cooking the S'more

You will want to stay with the side and keep it like 5 inches away and if it starts to smoke take it away right away. Then just keep turning it and get it all golden then do the top. If it catches on fire take it away from the fire and put it near you to blow it out. DO NOT FLING THE STICK WITH THE FLAMING MARSHMALLOW AROUND!

Step 4: Taking It Off the Stick

You will want to pull the stick away from the fire. I put it between my legs so then I can grab two cookies and to pull it off the stick.

Step 5: You Are Done the Smore

Now you have it off the stick you might want to wait a minute so it will cool down then you can eat it. If you are going to make more you don't have to burn the left over marshmallow off but if you are done then I suggest burning the marshmallow off. Hope this helped.