Introduction: How to Make Star Wars Light Saber

I did it a little differently than anyone else, I just picked up the pencil and ideas started flowing. So here it is Star Wars lovers, the cheapest aka free Star Wars light saber. It's so cool you could even ATTACK people with it, but no actual harm will be done. It is 100% safe. If not satisfied it is safe after reading all the steps, please ask a parent if it is safe or not.
Today these light sabers are the new hot thing. Sure, you have to pay money for the toy ones. But why not have more fun with this? The toy ones are made out of hard plastic with may hurt. But this is a soft material kind.

Step 1: Get the Materials

You basically need a :
- pool noodle
- sheet of paper
- sharpie
- tape

If you don't have these things; I know where to get them for cheap.

Go to dollar store or five below and get all those items for 1 dollar

Step 2: Pick Up That Sharpie and Draw It

Draw something really random on that sheet of paper, BUT Remember to turn that paper sideways. You can draw triangles, squares - or even circles... Or maybe a little line. But just remember, the more drawings, the more cooler

Step 3: Time to Color

Color the images you drew black with a thick black sharpie until you are completely satisfied. You may keep adding more images. Just remember not to color in the same spot too many times or it will bleed through.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Do exactly what the images are doing up above. At the end add tape to keep it from falling

Step 5: Finished

You can bend it twist it turn it. Prank your little brothers or sisters, pretend to hit yourself it's up to you.