Introduction: .


Step 1: Gathering the Materials

- water bottle w/ no water
- tissue
- scissor

Step 2: Taking the Cap Off + Flattening

First of all, put the tissue down on your table, desk or anything. Place the water bottle on top of it, carefully unscrew the cap and flatten out the water bottle ( punch at it or something )


Step 3: Cutting in Half

Time to cut! Get out your scissors and let's begin cutting. First cut in the middle, I'm pretty sure you can see the line its thick. If not, that's fine cut it any length you want it.

Step 4: Say Goodbye to the Label

Don't be afraid, aggressively RIP the label off and put that to the side or throw that away.

Step 5: Start by Cutting the Basics

Cut from the top to the bottom. but DO NOT cut the bottom or entire project will be failed. Try to cut at least 3 or 4 strips

Step 6: Getting the Plastic

Don't cut out the bottom ( like the bottom bottom) cut the end that your strip has ended to ( shown in the image above ) trim the bottom and use it as a coaster and keep the plastic strips. You may paint them or glue them onto wood or just recycle them. Your choice