Introduction: How to Make the Best of Your Computer

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I have a really old netbook (2009) so it freezes, crashes and is just all around slow but there is a way to fix that. Although you cant just magically make it the worlds fastest computer you can make your computer a lot faster without buying anything. So if your like and me and is frustrated with your computer read on!

Also as a side note don't worry about any viruses because you wont have to download anything

Step 1: First Check You Computer Stats

So first your going to see your computer stats (rating)

First open up your start menu and click on control panel

Now your going to click system and security go to system (you may have to scroll down) BUT don't click on it there will be a link named check the windows experience index click that.

This will bring you to your computer's rating (is determined on a 1 to 7 scale)

As you can see mine sucks

check your lowest sub score (big blue box to to your right) if it is 4 or higher you need to be more patient (no offense)

if its 3 or lower (like mine) read on.

Step 2: Now for the Real Optimizing

stay on the stats page but on the left click on adjust visual effects (the one with a shield)

now check customize or if you don't want to check "let windows choose whats best for my computer"

Remember the less checked the faster

Also don't check the box way at the bottom "use visual styles on window and buttons" unchecking this will make your computer look like its running windows 6 and freeze your computer for a couple of minutes

Once your done making selections cliclk apply wait for it to apply settings.

Step 3: Let Windows Do the Work

Go back to the stats window and click the blue link to your left named "open disk clean up"

Then click okay and windows will delete all unneeded files, applications, etc

Step 4: More More More!

there are a lot more ways than this two but these are the most effective without downloading or buying anything.

If you really want more you can upgrade the ram and memory (keep in mind that I can live with my computer perfectly fine and that you also have the option of just buying another computer)

If you found any other ways I will post that (with your name of course)
Thanks for reading! I hope this helps

Step 5: Uninstall Programs (Still a Work in Progress No Pictures :'( Sorry)

Uninstall all unneeded programs

first go to start, control panel, uninstall a program, then click on all unneeded programs and then click uninstall.

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