Introduction: How to Make the Desert Eagle (MW)

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Going to the paper party? Need a gun? You only have paper, (or index cards) crayons, tape and scissors?
Well well! Make this gun and add a rubber band!

Step 1: The 2 Tubes

First, if you have index cards great! Just roll em' up and tape em. If you have paper

Step 2: Wrap It and Snap It

Get a index card and wrap it around the tubes. Tape it and cut the bottom a little and walla!

Step 3: Handle It


Step 4: Connect

Tape it like it is in the pics

Step 5: Holder


Step 6: Bullets

Roll it up and color if you like

Step 7: Blastertastic

Step 8: Fire Time!

You're done! Now pull the thing back and insert the bullet on the band, point and look inside the top tube, and fire!

Step 9: Another Shooting Method

Flick the gun back