Introduction: How to Make the Stinger!

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The stinger is a paper plane I made today that as far as I know I have invented!

Step 1: The Tip

Fold the right corner against itself as if you were making a square piece of unfold and do the same to the other corner. Then unfold and you should have a paper with an x on it. Finally flip your model over and fold down so the top and bottom of the x meet . Unfold and flip your model back over. Fold your model's fold line into each other to create a pentagon with your model. You have created the beginning of the tip!

Step 2: Reinforcement

With this you want to just follow the pictures above because it's pretty hard for me to explain.

Step 3: Th Final Touches

Fold the model in half so you can see the triangle of the tip. Then fold the wings. Finally open up the pockets on the inside of the plane. Your model is now ready to fly!

Step 4: How to Fly It

Put your forefinger and middle finger slightly inside the pockets of the plane. Then throw by pulling your arm to the side and pushing with your arm and it will fly off you fingers. This plane I a pretty fast glider that takes practice to fly but works really well!

Step 5: Hope You Enjoy Flying Your Stinger!