Introduction: Warm Walking Stick

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I wanted to tie this walking stick I found and this rabbit fur together to keep my hand warm while hiking. But I didn't just want to tie it on and have it be boring I wanted to hike in style. I chose to a monkey fist onto it so here is the process.

Step 1: The Monkey Fist

You want a price of paracord about 2 yards long for the monkey fist. So choose and measure out the paracord. The steps for tying the monkey fist are above. Spread your fingers into a peace sign and wrap the paracord around your two fingers three times. Then pass the cord through the middle of the wrap a wrap around the old wrap tree times. Then take the paracord off your fingers and wrap it around the inside of the first wrap three times. Finally put the loose end of paracord into the middle of the monkey fist and tighten it up. You should now have a monkey fist.

Step 2: The Final Put-together

Figure out where you want your hand to be on the stick than wrap the smaller end around the top of your handle.then wrap your cord around your fur of choice and tie in any paracord bracelet design and melt it all together making sure not to melt the monkey fist off.

Step 3: Enjoy

Have fun walking warm and in style.