Introduction: How to Make Turon


  • 3 yellow bananas preferably 9 inches long
  • 12 spring rolls wrappers
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • Water
  • Oil (For Frying)

Step 1: Next...

...You're going to cut the 1 banana into 4 pieces.

Repeat to the other 2 bananas.

Now what you want to do is coat the bananas in 2-3 coats of brown sugar.

Step 2: Next...

...You are going to wrap the banana like in the picture above.

If you can't follow the model just continue reading.

1st - place a banana in the corner of the spring roll wrappers.

2nd - fold the corner of the wrapper over the banana.

3rd - roll the banana again.

4th - fold the right corner to the center and do the same to the other side of the banana.

5th - bring down the top corner down to the banana and use the water as an adhesive for the turon.

6th - repeat to the other bananas.

Step 3: Next...

...When frying the turon you fill the pan half way with oil.

Then you will bring the heat up to about 250°F.

Keep in mind that the turon will cook very fast, so keep an eye out for the desired color of your choosing.

Step 4: ...Lastly