Introduction: How to Make Your Own Video Game Room

          Now, this will be a tutorial on how to make a video game room for just you or maybe for friends and you when they are over. A video game room should be for a serious gamer but not necessarily. It is great fun to have a game room so you can have a place just for you! I will try to keep this in the low budget range... enjoy.

Step 1: Find a Place in Your Home

          Now, this part can be tough, maybe your mom or dad wants that extra room for storage, entertainment room, etc. for them. But in some cases it is possible. Maybe you can even convert your own room into a man cave. But the ideal place is an extra room or basement. My video game room is in my basement and it is perfect.

Like in the picture below... I think you could easily turn that into a video game room with a bit of work.

Step 2: A Televison... of Course

          You can't make a video game room without a TV! That's to obvious. But that little 12'' TV you have now is probably not gonna cut it in the longrun. Now, I understand a lot of people can't afford a large flat screen but a large TV in a video game room makes it that much more amazing. And trust me on that. I couldn't afford anything bigger than my 32'' flat screen and I love that thing. Even a 24" might work pretty good. My best friend has a 45" and it is great. If you do want a big TV then look on Craig's List, Ebay, and a great place/time is black friday.

Step 3: A Couch or Futon

          This is a must have! A couch or futon is a fantastic attachment to add to you "video game room" and it is well worth it. Some other substitutes could be those gaming chairs and hacky sacks.

Step 4: Other Things That Are Great to Add

          Now, I'm going to list some things you can and should add to your video game room but aren't a must:

1) Surround sound system! This is a great thing to add! It makes your video game experience amazing and is well worth it!

2) A coffee table. This is great to have beside your couch or in front of it to hold your drinks and such.

3) A mini-fridge... now, this is what separates the men from the boys. It is super convenient and you and your friends will love it.

4) Video game posters. This is just to add some spaz to the room. I am a huge fan of Assassin's Creed and Skyrim so I have posters of that in the room. Maybe you like Call of Duty. Then do that.

5) A fan. Pretty self explanatory. If you get hot with three other people in the room... problem solved.

6) Have more than one game system if you can and try your very best to  have more than one controller.

7) Have internet connection to your Playstation on Xbox! Come on, face it. After you beat Call of Duty for the third time its boring. But that multiplayer never gets boring! Especially a must if you will have other people over!

Step 5: That Should Just About Wrap It Up!

Good luck to all. Hope it goes well!