Introduction: How to Make a 74HC595 Shift Resistor Circuit

This is how to make a shift resistor circuit. If you are having trouble or first time users of a shift resistor this is the tutorial for have some fun!

Step 1: What You Need

You will need

1 74hc595 shift resistor

8 leds

8 resistors (any will do i think)

Lost of jumpers



And that's basically it

Step 2: Shift Resistor

The picture will tell you what to do for the wires and the components

Step 3: The Code


This code lights up each LED connected to a 74HC595 as determined by the binary value of a counter. *

/ Pin connected to SRCLK of 74HC595 int CLOCK = 12; // Pin connected to RCLK of 74HC595 int LATCH = 11; // Pin connected to SER of 74HC595 int DATA = 10;

byte counter = 0;

void setup() { //set pins to output so you can control the shift register pinMode(LATCH, OUTPUT); pinMode(CLOCK, OUTPUT); pinMode(DATA, OUTPUT); }

void loop() { // take the latchPin low digitalWrite(LATCH, LOW); // shift out the bits: shiftOut(DATA, CLOCK, MSBFIRST, counter); //take the latch pin high so the LEDs update: digitalWrite(LATCH, HIGH); // pause before next value: delay(100);

counter = counter + 1;


Step 4: Finished

So if it worked like and comment on this project bye