Introduction: How to Make a BB Gun

Ever wanted a BB gun? But parents won't let you? WELL HERES ONE YOU CAN MAKE!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need....
-A Party Popper
-A Pen (mine is Bic Clic Stic med.)
-A X-Acto Knife Or something else like mine

Step 2: Cut Your Party Popper

Remember to only cut the top of the party popper and to make sure to take out the string and the explosive.

Step 3: Take Apart the Pen

Now you have to take apart the pen
Things You Don't Need in the pen-
-Ink cartridge

Step 4: Setting Up the Bb Gun

Now take the explosive and put the string in first inside the pen top and pull it (so it fits Do not pull it hard)

Step 5: Putting the Bb In

Now take the BB in and put it inside the pen

Step 6: Now Shoot!

Now after you did that pull the string ! Remember do not aim at someone's face, I am not responsible for anything that happens.

Optional Things-
Put the other piece in so it looks like a normal pen!