Introduction: How to Make an Altoids Tin Frying Pan W/Heat Source

You can make an Altoids Tin Frying Pan w/a Heat Source with 1 or an optional 2 Altoids Tins. Cook a small amount of eggs or small pieces of meat in it! P.S. You ---->SHOULD!!!!!!<---- check out step #8 to make the grate holder(It is highly recommended)

Step 1: Get Supplies

1 or 2(preferably 2) Altoids Tins
Nail or Awl
Fuel(wood, paper, cotton balls, charcoal or whatever)
Aluminium Foil
Gloves(only use when the step comes up)
Some Effort
And Some HARD LABOR!(not really)

Optional(BUT RECOMMENDED) Step 8 Grate Supplies: Wire and pliers(preferably needle nose)

Step 2: Removing the Lid

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 2 THEN SKIP THIS STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to remove the lid of ONE of the Altoids tins.
Just pry the lid back, and then forward, and it should come off.
If you have trouble doing this (pshh) then watch the video.

Step 3: Lining the Aluminum Foil

Take the tin that still has the lid on and line the bottom and sides of the inside with aluminum foil. This is the cooking surface(for your gourmet meals). Make sure it doesn't rip (I ripped it alot of times. Tip:lay the bottom first, then push the excess aluminum foil to line the sides so it doesn't rip. It took me several tries.)

Step 4: Repeat!

Repeat Step #3 and put another coat of aluminum foil over the first one.

Step 5: Put Fuel in the Heat Source

The heat source for people who have 2 tins is the tin without the lid. You can use wood, paper, cotton balls, charcoal or whatever for fuel since it won't be touching the food. But NOOOOOO plastic(unless you want to die). The heat source for people who only have one tin is an open fire or something like that.

Step 6: Making the Vent Holes

On the tin with the lid, use your hammer and your nail/awl to stab holes in it(while the lid is closed). See the picture?

Step 7: Enjoy!

Put eggs or meat or other foods that are cookable and put them in small amouts on the aluminum foil on the tin that has the lid. Close the lid when cooking. The holes vent out any steam. Put the fuel into the tin with no lid and light it on fire. Place the Fuel Tin(the tin without a lid) on the floor(which I would hope is fireproof(concrete)) and place the "Frying Pan"(the tin with the lid) on thop of it(slightly open so air can come out. (See step 8 if you want to know how to make a holding grate for your Altoids Tin Frying Pan!) Enjoy!

Maintenence: Wash every few uses and replace the aluminum foil very often.


All right. For those of you whose fire goes out when you put your "Frying Pan" on your Heat Source(which is many of you), this is for you.

Grate Supplies: Wire and pliers(preferably needle nose to bend the wire)

All right. This is simple and you can figure it out for yourself(I haven't made it yet) Take the wire, make a stand for your Altoids "Frying Pan" that is bigger than the tin and taller(1 inch)than the Heat Source that has a grate like wiring on the top. I have a picture of the general idea.