Introduction: How to Multiply Your Minecraft PE Items

Step 1: Get the Items

The first thing you need to do is find and get the items you want multiplied and put the in you inventory. ( not in a chest ) you can only multiply items when your inventory is half full

Step 2: Kill Your Self

To multiply items you must kill yourself.

(Tip) do it close to your spawn or you will have to search the map looking for stuff

I prefer to jump in to a hole so it traps my stuff

Step 3: Collect Your Items and Run

Once you respawn you will have to collect you dropped items and run at least 50-75 blocks away from where you died

If you do no run far enough it will not work

Step 4: Delete Your Minecraft History

Once you have run 50-75 blocks you will have to delete your minecraft history on the home screen. GO TO HOME SCREEN FIRST and then delete your history!

You have to do this step fast or it will not work

Step 5: Restart the App

Quickly after deleting your history go back to the minecraft app and go to the map you were just on.

You should start closer to where you died

Step 6: Collect Your Items

Once you have restarted and are back on the map you should be able to go to the place where you died and collect a double of the stuff you have!

have fun!!

This hack is legal and there is no risk of loosing anything in the proses! Only gaining

IT DOES WORK if this does not work than you have eather not done it fast enough or not as directed

Have fun and please favorite this