Introduction: How to Play DDR!!

After these simple instructions you will know how to play DDR. DDr is a fun and interactive game that you can play at the arcade or at home. Also I have included some tips to help you along the way.

Step 1:

First you will need money to play this game in the arcade. So get your quarters ready.

Step 2:

Insert quarters into the machine.

Step 3:

Now you will have to select your player mode. If it is just you then select single player. Then you get to choose your difficulty. There is beginner for those who have not played the game before. Standard mode for those who have, non stop mode where the songs keep going until you fail, or challenge mode for those who like a big challenge.

There will be a red start button on the machine with two yellow buttons on each side of it. Use the yellow buttons to make selections and the red button to confirm them.

Step 4:

Now you get to choose your song from a huge list. You can sort through the songs in alphabetical order and this is the best way to go. You have about 70 to 80 seconds to select your song and you will get to hear a 5 to 10 sec. clip of the song.

Step 5:

Now you can choose your difficulty setting for the song. Beginner for those new to the game. Basic for those who have played the game a bit, difficult for those who are really familiar with the game. Expert for those who have played the game for a long time. There will be bars next to each setting, this measures the feet needed to play the song. In other words the higher up you go the harder the dance steps will be.

Step 6:

Now comes the fun part. You will need to match the arrows that are moving with the arrows that are fixed on top of the screen. So when the up arrow reaches the top of the screen you step on the up arrow on the dance pad. If two arrows are shown at the same time you need to hit both arrows on the dance pad at the same time. You will need both feet for this game and there will be some jumping.

Step 7:

Now if there is a long arrow/ it looks like it has a long trail to it then you need to hold that arrow. By hold I mean keep you foot on that arrow on the dance pad until the arrow on the screen has passed.

Step 8:

Now you might notice a rounder meeter with the words stream, chaos, freeze, air and voltage on it. Stream means how consistent the arrows are flowing. Chaos means how random and crazy the dance steps are. Freeze means how many times the song stops on or before a step while air means how many jumps there are in a song. Voltage is how fast or slow or how often the tempo of the song changes. These are shown in a circle chart like form so you will not get actual numbers, but this is not something you need to worry about when you first start to play.

Step 9:

Most games of DDR will give you three stages (three songs) to play. So dance away, match up arrows and have fun. It is a game and please know your limits. Due to the psychical nature of this game you must be careful. Have plenty of water on hand.

Step 10:

Try not to step off the dance pad while playing. You can get hurt and thats not fun for anyone.

Step 11:

Just some advice. Girls don't wear too low cut shirts or pants because while you are dancing everyone will see your business. Boys try not to wear to baggy pants because you can trip on them and don't wear pants that are too tight because this will lead to a not so pleasant feeling . We all start to sweat after a bit so please bring some axe or some other kind of spray with you. (be kind to your firends and to the people around you). If you smell really bad the arcade will throw you out.

Step 12:

When in doubt the machine will explain how to play. There is a tutorial mode for new players and it will litterly show you when and how to step.

Step 13:

MSI Never Wanted To Dance DDR is really fun and yes you will most likely look silly playing it. But hey it had been featured in music videos.

Step 14:

That is the basic information you need to know to start playing DDR. Have fun, play with your friends and remember it is a game.