Introduction: How to Repair a Honda Heater Blower

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The heater blower in my 2011 Honda CRV suddenly stopped working recently. I searched for possible causes and solutions and deduced that it was either the heater blower's transistor/resistor or the heater blower motor itself. The AC compressor was functioning and warm air did flow without the use of the fan, but there was no forced air.

I looked into taking the vehicle to the dealership and as we all know, dealership prices are always pretty high. So, I took the do-it-yourself path and saved a lot of time and money.

The following video is for a 2011 Honda CRV AWD non-operating Heater Blower. Most HVAC Parts Are Compatible With Later Models. PLEASE NOTE: You can first test the Resistor (Honda Part No.: 79330-S5A-942) with an OHMmeter to see if this part is causing the problem however, removing the Heater Blower itself and checking for dirt maybe the solution for you.