Introduction: How to Reset Your IPhone When It Is Locked for a While

I know some people forget their passwords sometimes (in one of my other instructables I showed how to remember your password, be sure to check it out) and when it is basically locked for life your probably killing yourself. This instructable will show you how to reset your IPhone without going to the Apple Store or jailbreaking. (Also to do this method you will need an IMac computer with a USB cable that can hook up to your phone)

Step 1: The Very First Thing

The very first thing you will have to do if you want to keep all the stuff on your phone, is create a backup so when your phone is restored, you can have all your data back because a restoration deletes everything on you phone, making it brand new.

Step 2: IMac

When your IPhone/IPod is disabled you will first need to hook up the USB cable to the back of your computer in the jack.

Step 3: Hook Up Your Phone

After you hook up the USB cable to the back of your computer, connect your phone to the USB cable.

Step 4: A Screen

When you connect your phone a screen like the one above should appear on your IMac on iTunes giving you a summary of your phone. Now if you press restore while your phone is disabled, it will not work unless you have backed it up before and if you have turned off "Find my IPhone" which is an app on your phone. So if you have not backed it up before and turned off Find My IPhone, keep reading.

Step 5: Restoration

This is the final step in restoring your phone. First, you'll have to disconnect your phone from the computer (you never actually had to hook it to the computer in the beginning). Next, completely shut off your IPhone by holding the home button down for a few seconds. Finally, hold the home button while hooking it up to the computer at the same time till the apple logo shows up on your screen. After a minute you'll IPhone will be restored and it'll be as if it was brand new, out of the box.