Introduction: How to Revamp an Old Box

Materials :
Old box
Some fabric glue (optional)
Stuffing (optional)
Acrylic paint
Paint pallet (optional)

Step 1: Painting the Box

It's optional if you want to sand your box to remove the old paint
Then put on a first coat of whatever color you like. If it doesn't cover as well as you like give it a second coat like I did here
Paint the inside and outside as you please

Step 2: Decorating!

Here I painted the outside of the box in 4 different themes. You can decorate and paint as you like. You can even get creative and add beads, cloth, string, etc,.

Step 3: Finishing Up

If you have hinges and would like them not not be painted you can just scrape off the excess paint :)
Paint the inside.
Put stuffing on the bottom for cushioning if you like and that's it! It looks like a brand new box :)

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