Introduction: How to Save Your Wet Cell Phone!

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First off, Hello and thanks for viewing my instructable.

Most of us have experienced dropping or spilling liquid over our over priced sensitive cell phones or gadgets and lost them forever.

Most people try to save their gadgets the wrong way . ex using a hair dryer witch may force moisture further into the small components and giving your phone a complete knockout .

In this instructable i will show you how to increase the chances of saving your phone/gadgets from drowning.

Also If you wish to view the video of this instructable for a better understanding or a quick review of the hole project click below.'

Note for this instructable you will need :

1. One or more wet hand held gadgets.
2. One dry airtight container.
3. One pack of household cocking rice.
4. One or more small screwdriver.

Enjoy !

Step 1: Step 1 : Act Quickly !

The most important thing you have to do is to get that phone out of the water as soon as possible don't just look dumb at it while it's drowning, act fast !

Remove it from the water [pic.1].[pic.2]
Even doe the phone was under water for only a few seconds the vibration function short circuited, resulting in the phone vibrating out of control to view this watch the video or in [pic.3] .

So remember, removing it from the water as soon as possible makes the life/death difference !

Step 2: Step 2 : Remove the Battery & Take the Phone Apart !


As fast as you can remove the battery from the phone, don't waste time switching it off first, just remove the battery as soon as possible.[pic.1]

Using a small screwdriver take the phone apart as well as you can the more parts you remove the better but make sure you will manage to put everything back together once it's all dried out. [pic.2]. [pic.3]

Step 3: Step 3: Don't Use a Hair Dryer !

This isn't really a step it's more like a warning !

Do not use a hair dryer (even on a "cold" mode) to dry out the phone, as this may force moisture further into the small components, deep inside the phone. If moisture is driven deeper inside, corrosion and oxidation may result when minerals from liquids are deposited on the circuitry. Using a hairdryer might be a temporary fix, but this will eventually cause component failure inside the phone.

Step 4: Step 4: the Secret Ingredient !

Now, you will need to take your disasembled phone, a bag of regular dry household rice, and an airtight container.

Take the rice [pic.1] , and pour it in the container half way full [pic.2] , take all the phone components and put them in with the rice [pic 3] , place the cap on the container and give it a good shake [pic.4]

Now let them dry for around 2 days, The rice will absorb any remaining moisture from within small components and prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Step 5: Step 5: Put Everything Back Together

Open up the container...

And remove all the parts inside, inspect each and every one of them carefully , you may use a magnifying glass to make sure no moisture is kept within small parts.

Then carefully put everything back together, part by part ... add the battery and try to start your phone.

Step 6: Well? Dose It Work Now ?

Congrats you probably save your phone...

Even doe my phone short circuited it's vibration function during this experiment after it was subjected to the rice treatment it fully recovered and now it's working perfectly . [pic 1. & 2.]

Also if you would like to see the hole thing in a video for better understanding and fast bookmarking view the video of the project here :

Here are some answers to a few questions you may ask :
1. If i had an iphone i would have used an iphone on this project. (and moisture & electricity work the same regardless of brand or features) so yes, you can save your iphone with this technique.
2. YES it really works !

NOTE : If your phone does not work, try plugging it into its charger without the battery, if this works, you need a new battery. If not, try taking your cell phone to an authorized dealer. Sometimes they can fix it. Don't try to hide the fact that it has been wet. There are internal indicators that prove moisture

Thank you !