Introduction: How to Sing in Rock Band/ Guitar Hero

Consider this. You are a normal person who isnt a good singer. You get Rock Band and someway manage to evade the singing part. Until now.

Havent you ever seen a friend with envy because he sings better than you? (Or just because he lets out of his mouth notes, rather than squeaks) This is your oportunity to learn how to sink, i mean sing!!!! (Or get close to singing)

While singing, you can inflict injuries that can last the rest of your life, so be careful

Step 1: What You Need

You dont need money to learn to sing. You only need the following:
+A little time for practice
+You require not to be afraid to sing loudly and look ( or sound ) stupid, this is called "CONFIDENCE" This is the most important part of all, and it takes a while to get used to it

+Rock Band or Guitar Hero
(To humilliate people online because of your super special awsome singing abilities) No. not that. Its a good excuse for singing.
+if you, unlike me, have money, a vocal coach. Or, you can join a local choir.

Step 2: Vocal Range

Your vocal range is the range of notes which you can sing properly and without hurting your voice. You must always stay inside your vocal range, or you might hurt your voice. Pepople will like your voice because of its sound, not because of the range of notes you can sing.

Over the time, you will expand your range and be able to hit notes that you couldnt hit before.

Step 3: Breathing and Posture

To sing and breathe well, you must have the correct posture, which is standing up with your feet apart the same width of shoulder to shoulder. Stand up straigh, and relax.

Now breathing. It is said that singing is 80 percent breathing- it is right. You must take long breaths before each phrase, if not, youll sound terribly funny singing and at the same time gasping for air.

Step 4: Different Voice Register (and You Thought There Was Only One!!)

There are two tipes of voice registers:

-Head Voice: It is a where a powerful and resonant sound , which is accessible only with training (yeah, i havent trained and i can reach rhe head voice)

-Chest Voice It is an accesible powerful sound.

Ok. There is something called passagio, which is a break between the chest and head voice, and with time, it can be easily passed through.

Step 5: Tips and Warnings

"Get in shape to be able to breathe properly.

"Dont scream when youre singing (unless youre on some bizarre screamo)

"Don't drink/eat dairy a few hours before singing, cause it makes you unable to sing well

"Drink plenty of water 45 minutes before singing. It is good for our voice.

Step 6: The End

Now that you have learned to sing, better said learned to learn to sing, you should be able to sing like a pro!

Please comment and submit photos. The ones I got were horrible (except the nintendo star). Also, collaborate so this instructable can turn into a better one.