Introduction: How to Start a Gaming Clan

About: Leader and Owner of GUHG clan And DFY clan.
This instructable is for all those gamer that haven't got a chance to make a Gaming Clan.
This will go into recruitment, setup, and some other things.

Step 1: Coming Up With a Name

Use words that when abbreviated could be memorized. I use GUHG which means Gamers universal Honor Guard. I chose gamers universal because the clan is universal 'on all systems'. Honor Guard because they are used to represent the best of the best throughout the ranks.

Step 2: Deciding What Games Your Clan Is Going to Be About

You need to decide what are the main games and system your clan is going to start on. I chose Halo and Call Of Duty and the system it started on was xbox360. Since these were the most popular games of 2012. Then later added the clan to PS3, PC and other consoles.

Step 3: Making a Site and Pages

It is recommended to set-up these pages as soon as possible before someone can beat you to it. I recommend using since it is easy to use and offers free service. A Few Sites i did If wanted I will design it for free, contact info in the last step.

Step 4: Recruiting

Once you have the pages setup done start getting friends to join your clan at first. Then start advertising on your accounts and find someone who would help. Don't worry if you don't get a lot of members I have 50 sum after 15 weeks of posting and 140 photos. I have example pictures of what I did for the set-up and recruitment.

Step 5: That Is It for Now. Next Instructable Is How to Get Sponsors