Introduction: How to Start Your Own Story

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Hello! I'm back! This is my second instructable, and I really hope to get at least 7 followers by the end of the year.

Today I'm going to tell/show you how to make your own story. Yes I know! It's a totally weird to find an instructable on how to make your own story, but I like English so I can't really help myself.

Step 1: What You'll Need!!!!!

Now what you need really depends on where or what your going to write on.


-A Computer


-Pen and paper for planning {optional}

-Patience {and lots of it! Although now that I think of it, I don't have much at all.......} ;)


Now to be honest if you want a real book I don't know how to make one so check out other instrutctables.

-Paper- Maybe two extra's for planning




Good luck!

Step 2: Inspiration! "MUM! Can I Go to the Ice-cream Shop for Inspo?"

Well getting free ice-cream would be nice for inspo, but lets get back to the present. Inspiration!!!

Now go for a walk and actually clear your mind. Don't think of things that will work you up, let your mind go into your own dream, and relax. {There's an instructable for relaxing you could check out} as soon as an idea comes in your head, quickly scribble it down and go back to relaxing. If your not in the mood, come back later. It sounds hard but it really is fun and easy. Also another way to get inspo is to blast on your fav tunes and dance around your room like a maniac, but if it's nice and slow, lying in a hammock will help. What ever you feel do it!

I'm getting inspo just writing this for my Dork Diaries inspired book! How cool is that?!

Step 3: Writing!

Now that you have all your inspiration it's time to get creative!

Start with an opening!






And sometimes How? Its the 5W's, or well the 5W's plus a H.

Build up two little problems or obstacles on your way.

Now its time for the BIG problem. This may be where you have to slay the dragon, or find the lost diamond trinket or whatever you want it to be. Remember to explain carefully how you do this.

Have one little problem again or another obstacle. On your way explain how your going to finish your quest or whatever. I love that word! -whatever!

Now It's time for the ending! You return the necklace to the princess with a little more than a few scratches and bruises. Really explain how and what you look like when you finish.

Now I'd like to remind you that this is your story! Not mine. Not your best friends. It's all yours and no one can change that. Be proud of it.

I hope you noticed but I put a few fantasy ideas in there if you need some help. I find starting with Fiction {Not real} is best to start with, cos it can really get your creativeness going.

Step 4: "OMG! Mum I Just Finished My Own Book!"

Yay You! You have finished your book or at least read my very long instructable on how to make your own story/book!

I hope you have enjoyed this and will get creative very soon.

One more thing! Make it pretty! Add colours, drawings and lots more! It's all yours!

Just a reminder. I really want to get at least 7 followers by the end of the year.

Have a good holiday everyone! Also, every instructable, I'll put a new photo of my kitties on the front cover thing so you can see them grow up like me!