Introduction: How to String a Lacrosse Head

How To String A Lacrosse Head

Step 1: Materials

To string a lacrosse head you will need
A piece of mesh (stretched out)
One top string (about the length of your arm)
2 side wall string (about the length of your arm)
One bottom string (about the length of your fore arm)
2 shooters (the thick ones)
and one nylon string
a lacrosse head (refer to my page to pinch one)
matches of a lighter
and a knife

Step 2: Interlocking the Top String

Tie a know in the end of the top string and put the other end in a top string hole.

Wrap the string through the mesh then through another side wall hole.

Interlock the whole way down the top skipping every top wall hole with every mesh hole.

To interlock send the string through the top wall hole then under neath through the mesh then clove hitch it around the string again.
(this may be very confusing at first but just follow the picture)

Advance all the way to the end then tie off like the beginning.  

After tying off cut off access string and burn so it wont fray with the matches

I recommend just following along with the pictures.

Step 3: String the Side Wall

Follow the interlock, and stringing instructions above but once you reach about half way interlock like normal but skip two mesh holes to form a low pocket.

Tie the end off.

After tying off cut off access string and burn so it wont fray with the matches

Repeat exactly on the other side.

Step 4: Bottom String.

Most lacrosse sticks have four holes on the bottom for the bottom string.

Tie a knot in your bottom string at the end and slide the other end in the left most hole.

Bring the string through the mesh, around a hole and back  through.

Insert the string in the next bottom hole and bring up then in the next hole. (very hard to explain see the picture for help)

Do the same as the beginning next.

Tie off, cut and burn to stop it from fraying.

Step 5: Finished the Mesh Part.

Now to shooters and the nylon.

Step 6: Shooters, and Nylons

Wrap one shooter, through the side wall and even the ends out.

With out twisting weave the one end of the shooter through the mesh.

Spiral the other end around the flat one. (don't fuss if you don't get it right away it takes practice)

Repeat for the next shooter and nylon. (nylons are super easy to do)

To adjust the way it shoots, tighten the shooters to throw it  lower and loosen them for higher. ( always keep the nylon super tight)

Now add a shaft and your ready for a game.