Introduction: High Quality Pictures With IPad/iPhone

Important note: I am in no way affiliated with Apple Inc

Taking pictures with the iPhone/iPad normally come out all blurry or not focused on the right thing so getting to know your devices camera better does help to make instuctables on the run.

Step 1: Focusing

To focus on something it's quite simple just tap on the spot your trying to focus on and it will focus on that point. A little square with a symbol of the sun should pop on the screen while its trying to focus.

Step 2: Turning on HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range. This just means that it automatically takes three photos with different exposures and then composes the three into a single frame with the best highlight, midtone and shadow.

See omnivents comment. He did a really good job at explaining it.

Step 3: Adjusting the Exposures Manually

If HDR didn't work out for you or maybe you just want to do it yourself, just tap and hold down on the object you want to focus on and move your finger up or down to adjust the exposures.

Step 4: Taking a Picture

When your all ready press the white circle on the right and it will take a picture.

Turning on grid in settings can really help getting the right angle on the picture.

Sometimes HDR will screw up and make your picture look all blurry so don't always use HDR.

Bad lighting = bad photo

If you are going to use digital zoom don't go above 25% zoom.

Bear in mind that I used a iPad Air which has a 5 megapixel camera.

Visit to see the differences in they're different iPad/iPhone products cameras.

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