Introduction: How to Trap Minecraft Passive Mobs

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I made this Instructables because it was requested by dancingowl123. This member asked if I could make a tutorial on how to trap passive mobs without spawning eggs. It is very simple, so I hope you enjoy=)

Step 1: The Fence

First, make a fence large enough to fit your desired mob. For example, if you would like to trap three chickens, then you would make a fence large enough to house that many chickens. Then break two spaces in your pin so that you can trap your mob.

Step 2: The Trapping Part

Now, get your mob's attracting food. Here is the list:
Now walk slowly into your pin and allow the animal to follow you in.

Step 3: Your Trapped Animal

Now your close off the pin using fence or a fence gate. You now have a trapped animal, and you didn't even use a spawning egg!

Step 4: Cows

Now you can repeat the process with other animals=)

Step 5: Sheep

Step 6: Pigs

Step 7: Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing and I hope you liked it=) Leave any requests for Minecraft tutorials or any other tutorials.