Introduction: How to Turn Old Flashlight Into a Powerful Flashlight With Storage Container

I've a flashlight about 10 years and it's using only powerless ordinary light bulbs. I changed it with a 1w led and throw these huge " D" type batteries away. Then i add small container in it. I put small 16gb flash disk but you can put anything that you want, for example tinder, matches, sewing thread, needle and another useful stuff. Let's build it.

Materials you need;

     - Old Flashlight
     - 1W LED
     - 1W LED 45 degree lens
     - Some wire
     - 9V Battery and Clip
     - Wire Stripper(optional)
     - 220 Ohm Resistor
     - Piece of pipe that fits firmly
     - A stopper that close one end of the pipe

Step 1: Disassembly and Put LED Pieces Together

Just disassemble every piece of flashlight. Assemble the led into the lens and wrap it with aluminum tape. Then hotglue it to the reflector piece of old flashlight.

Step 2: Add Coupling Piece

Now, we need to adaptate the old socket for the new LED. Therefore, connect negative terminal of the LED to the outer part of the socket.Then tape it down with aluminum tape and run positive wire to outwards. !!!! Be sure to check twice for the short circuits. !!!!

Step 3: Add Resistor and Connect Every Electronics Together

At this point, we need to connect resistor to the positive terminal of the LED and also connect it to the +9V of the battery. Then connect negative lead of the battery to the rear side of the switch.

Step 4: Making the Container

Take a piece of pipe and cut in proper size, then insert and hot glue the stopper.

Step 5: Assemble Everything...

Step 6: The Results

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