How to Update/Change Tags on a Song(Windows Version)




Introduction: How to Update/Change Tags on a Song(Windows Version)

This tutorial will (hopefully) teach you how to properly change the tags(artist name, track title, and  more) on music and songs for uploading to sites like and This works best on MP3 files, if your file is in .WAV format or other, I recommend this ( converter.

IMPORTANT: This is the Windows version my Mac version can be found here, 

Step 1: Folder Creation

First you need to make sure the folder is formatted correctly for music. On windows the folder and sub-folders of My Music are formatted for music by defualt. 

Create the folder or locate the folder your song is inside.

Step 2: Locating Properties

To format the Folder right click on it and go to the properties option at the bottom of the list.
Click on this to open the properties window.

Step 3: Optimizing the Folder

Once the properties window comes up, go to the customize tab. Make sure the first drop down bar is set for music. Once it is then click apply or OK. Now you can double click the folder to enter it.

Step 4: The Songs Properties

As you can see here I have a song with a title and an artist, however if I were to upload it, it would still say it is untitled by unknown. This is because MP3 and most other sound file formats have a specific place where it stores the artist info, title and other information about the song. To access this you need to right click on it and select the Properties option, much like in step 2 on the folder.

Step 5: Changing the Properties

Once the window comes up go to the Details tab and you will see places to insert various information about the song, artist, album, and more. Go ahead and fill in these now.
NOTICE: Put the Artist's name under the Contributing Artists section. NOT the Album artist section. Otherwise It will still come up as Unknown artist.

Step 6: Finished Updating the Tags

As you can see here I have filled in many of the sections. For sites like and the only two fields that really matter are the Contributing artists and the Title. However if you are uploading to other places such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud, you may want to fill out the other sections.
Once you are done click Apply and then click OK.

Step 7: All Done!

Now if you notice it says in grey text to the right of the file name, the track #, Title, Contributing artists, and album. 
Your track is now ready for upload! 

If you have any troubles or questions feel free to leave a comment or message me.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 5

    Under Step 5, it says we can insert information. On my laptop, I did go back up to Step 3 to set up the customize tab for Music. When I went back to Step 5 to change properties, it still won't let me add a title. Is there something I am still missing on doing?
    I am using Windows 10 Home and it is WAV files I am working with.


    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    This works for album (ie folder) titles, but I can't make it work for track (ie file) names, because when I go into properties, the drop-down window doesn't have a customise tab. Is there something I'm missing?

    Pranab KumarS1
    Pranab KumarS1

    4 years ago

    I followed all the steps, but on Details page no entry on Contributing Artist, Year etc were accepted. The cursor could not be placed i the rectangles. My music is in WAV format. I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bits SP1.


    Reply 4 years ago

    WAV files have extra protections preventing users from easily modifying their meta data. If you want to be able to modify it, it must be in a different format(mp3 is the easiest to modify).


    4 years ago

    I followed this and managed to fill out for all but two songs. Those two songs won't let me edit the properties, do you know what to do?