Introduction: How to Write a Story

Stories are easy for some people, others not so much, but everyone, I repeat EVERYONE has room to improve - in everything! So I'm going to teach you how to plan and write one!! :)

Step 1: Think of Some Characters

Think of some characters. Not too many that you loose track but just enough so you can have a few options to write about. About 4-6 is a good amount.

Step 2: Think of a Problem

Every story must have a problem otherwise it would just be like a journal or biography. Think of something that will not take too long to solve - you don't want to bore the reader! Also don't use all the characters - we need someone to help fix it and it's best if at least one of these are not involved in the problem.

Step 3: Think of a Solution

Make sure you solve the problem! Try and make the solution have a twist in it - say the princess was locked in the tower. Most people are expecting a prince to climb up her hair and save her, but, in your story, her mother might have cut the princess's hair so an ordinary two year old could sneak inside and save the princess - that would surprise the reader!

Step 4: Up and Down Up and Down... (optional)

If you want to, while (or before or after) you solve the problem, you could add in smaller problems and solutions. It definitely improves the story and makes it more interesting to read. Don't do this any more than four times per story.

Step 5: Give It a Title

Now that you have planned your story you should be able to give it a title but really, you can go this any time. If you want to you can also give it a blurb.

Step 6: Write It Out

It's time to write it out! Add adjectives and adverbs - they always make the story more interesting. Also try not to make any spelling or grammar mistakes either. You could even add drawings of your characters or the scene!

Step 7: Finished!

You're finished. If you want, you can add finishing touches but that's up to you! Thank you for reading and I hope you've learnt something! Now get creative and start writing!