Introduction: How to Write in 3-D

This is how to write in 3-D. It takes a lot longer to write than regular handwriting, but it is good for greeting cards and other stuff.

Step 1: The Basics of 3-D Lettering

To write 3-D, it's pretty easy. You mostly have to think about the perspective and where you are looking at the letters from.

Step 2: Forming the Letters

To form the letters, first you have to draw the basic form of the letter(second picture). Then, you have to draw the sides.

Step 3: Paradigm Shift! a New Perspective

To do a different perspective, just do it as if you are looking at it from a different side.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your new font! If you write a greeting card, this is a good font to write in. Have fun, write some cards, and have a great day. I've written some of the alphabet below, I haven't written it all just letters B through O. Pleas vote for me in the Papercraft contest, and have fun!

Step 5: The Alphabet (B-O)