Introduction: How to Draw Zoroark

This is going to be a microsoft pait tutorial on how to hand craft your very first pocket monster Zoereark! I have made my skills most sharp over the years by not using the crutches of our society like the computer mouse, I only use the track pad of my out date laptop. But for you youngsters and bug catchers out there you can start with the mouse r even those electric drawing pads the art students seem to have.

my hands smell like lotion but even I never used it. So less about me and more about you, Are you fresh for the day? Perhaps you are new to the magic baby world. You should journey to the electric monsters world to be familiar but know this: that all the way are full of complicated problem and you may not get out in a whole skin? If you have not yet lost courage then put on your smashing pumpkins playlist and let us begin our adventure!

Step 1: The Hair

So this is going to be the essential step becase I think you will agree it its the first one. We will begin this by draw the hair shape. yo can do this by imagine a balloon who has lost his breath and thereby his honor and is dead. good you can see it! now draw this, good add don't forget his ponei tail for it is his image. Ok now we can add the detail because doesn't our hair have the lines detail?!... Yes! this is a wise thing to say... so add these lines like the airplanes fly across their path and make an X". this is nice but something is wrong, you must always remember to trim the too longs, like in picture 3. Ok you have done it now. we can move on to the step 2 if you are ready.

Step 2: His Body

I bet you did not say to yourself "I will be learning metaphors today" when you lifted out of your bed this morning.

but you will. For can't you see that his body is a fish who's head is lost? Yes! now imagine this and draw it connect to the balloon like in the picture. sorry for the wait guys i had to go get some honey toasted walnuts. lets add his eyes to see. like this. he is very happe about this! lets give him his hair ties for it is his life. ok this is looking beautiful like a bonsai Garden but it has been allowed to grow wild and needs trim to be happy.

Step 3: Arm, Caws and Strong Leg.

Draw this arm ok its done, now we will carve the new toes with only our minds and track pad. draw the lines and always remember to trim the too longs. This other leg is too skinny like a chicken on the famine season. I will make it strong. good now with his strong leg he can make the trip to the next step of this mountain of miracles.

Step 4: Colouring

We will give a new life to this project by adding colour to it, watch this: take the paint bucket tool by click on it. now choose your best color that is the red one. now click the empty spaces in his hair and Wow! it is changed colour! ok colour his toes now or claws i cant really tell whats going on. Great Job your are the Champion! ok not really yet. now we will add the mysterious grey to his body, like qui-gon-Jin who fights the wolves with the shampoo bottles. Oh no! the colour has gone eveywhere! You may ask in your heart what is happen? Only the worst thing ever!!! But do not worthy though we will fix this. You will need to make the paint bucket white once more, like the snow on the train .tracks. now click the grey, Wait! if you click his outline it will go sour like this picture. if you do this press undo button, if you cannot find undo button just cry. The color did go everywhere because there was a dishonest in the outline. I found two of them so will circle them with the yellow for you to see, because you have been cursed with bad vision. Now that you have caught the problem and sealed. you may colour his gray coat with love again. Lets look how far we have come OHHHH WOW! but you are right, we should finish first. colour in his eyes with blue to give him a soul deep and brooding, now match this with his hair tie for balance. Take a breath, this is final color step only one thing remains. journey my friend to the finial step as i shed a tear of joy for how much you have grown.

Step 5: TITLE

This is important moment for you life, just to add the title and be finished. i chose to name him his name but you can do what you feel is important. Now you are fineshed! stand and raise your hands to the space and shout your victory chant!!! unless you are in library becasue you too poor to buy a computer then just save victory chant for later when you show all your friends and loved ones your beautiful drawings. Evry body thank you for doing this. The whole world needs more people to be doing this. Some say no, who are gusty bugs. Yes I see it now, we must needs more people doing this and to have crunchy smells and rusty treats. Ok my friends of the magic baby world keep on practice and you can one day too be a T-mildew and Baby Boss like me.