How Make a Bottom of a Artifical Xmas Tree

Introduction: How Make a Bottom of a Artifical Xmas Tree

So this year I opened the box to my artificial xmas tree, and the bottom and connecting pieces where missing. I was quite upset, and the tought of going out and buying a new tree crossed my mind. But i would rather spend the $50 that it would take to buy a new tree on xmas presents. So i created a new bottom out of things in my recycle bin. 

What you will need.
1) a sturdy box that is about 1/2 the size of the bottom of the tree or more.
2) pipe or paper towel roll
3) duct tape
4)fabric or warping paper

Step 1: Cut Hole in Box to Fit Tree

Take your box and cut a hole in the middle of the box so that u can insert the tree.

Step 2: Place Pipe or Paper Towel Roll in Box

fine a scrap piece of pipe or paper towel roll that will fit the bottom of the tree and place in the hole of the box.

Step 3: Place Fabric or Warping Paper Over Box

Wrap the box as if it where a present, add bows and ribbon for a fun xmas effect.  cut a hole in the material where the hole is located in the box. and place tree in the hole... decorate and vola u have xmas tree..

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