Introduction: How to Make a Reading Ring With Sugru

Hi.  This instructable was created at Madrid's Makespace during Sugru's night workshop.

This device will help you hold a book while reading it with one hand while laying back. this can already be done but it is tiring to keep the position. With this device you can read in bed or on the beach more comfortable.

Step 1:

We need a package of Sugru and popsicle stick.

The first step is to eat popsicle and rescue the stick inside.

Then, cut the ends of the stick so that it measures about  9  cm

Step 2:

Open Sugru package and set aside a fourth of the package for later. With the rest make a ring bigger than your thumb to make it easy to wear and remove.

Put the popsicle stick on top of the ring and cover the top  with the remaining Sugru.

Step 3:

Thats all. Fast, easy and fun.