Introduction: How to 3D Print a Pikachu Pokemon

Pikachu is a cute little Pokemon. If you don’t know anything about the character then you are probably not from this planet. This 3D printable model is free for downloading in the adam.jech store at I 3D printed one for myself, but if you don't have a 3D printer you can use Treatstock’s 3D printing network.

What you will need:

3D printed model of the cute low-poly Pikachu

Paint brushes

Acrylic paint

Protective clear coat spray

Step 1: 3D Printing a Model

Go to the adam.jech store. Choose a color for the Pokemon and select a 3D printing service. If you need, I made instructions on Treatstock’s 3D printing network.

Step 2: Painting the Pokemon

At the beginning put on the primary layers, use acrylic paint. You can choose your own colors to give it any style, so be creative, instead of just yellow you can make it multicolored like I did. Make your Pokemon unique!

Step 3: Final Strokes

After the paint dries, add a protective clear coat. Now, "go" and enjoy your Pokemon! Also, be sure to check out my store to see other cool models.