Introduction: How to 3D Print a Sleeve for a Nail Clipper

Yeah, I bought a nice nail clipper a while back, but it unfortunately doesn't have a sleeve around it to catch the clippings. I remember the one with the sleeve was another four bucks. And I was like this is outrageous. I have a 3D printer and I am empowered to make this myself! In my case, I made it at Techshop =)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools!

You'll need
- your nail clipper for reference
- your 3D printer
- plastic filament
- blue masking tape if your printing bed needs it
- a measuring tool

Step 2: Make Your Measurements

Okay, this is where we measure all the aspects about our nail clipper so that we create an accurate CAD model to base our sleeve off of and make sure it fits properly.

So my nail clipper is:
- 80mm long
- 15mm wide front and tapers to 12mm in the back, starts tapering at 17mm mark
- 10mm tall front and tapers to 4mm tall back

Step 3: CAD Your Sleeve!

Okay, now basically rebuild your nail clipper inside your 3D CAD program. Hopefully your program has a "Shell Outward" command that will let you create a outer shell or essentially your sleeve in one step. Make sure to add some extra space like 0.5mm to make sure everything fits together. Then cut off the top of the sleeve, but leave some of the top to act as clips to secure your sleeve in place.

This is also the place where you take a close look at your sleeve design and make sure your nail clipper still works properly.

*If you don't already know how to use a CAD program, this is a great exercise to take those little baby steps.

Step 4: Print It!

Step 5: Assembly and Finished!

Now just combine your nail clipper and sleeve. If you notice there are design issues, just edit the CAD file and reprint! Now you can clip your nails without things flying everywhere!