Introduction: How to Ace Any Interview: Even With Little to No Job Experience

By: Ashlee Rollins

Seven Simple Steps:

1. Build a strong resume

2. Build a strong cover letter

3. Research the company

4. Dress to impress

5. Prepare to answer the tough questions

6. Write down your questions before

7. Follow up

Job interviews can be very nerve wracking for anyone, especially those who have little to no experience. Coming from someone who went to college straight from high school, I was super nervous for my first career interview. I applied to many different Registered Nursing positions and have had a few interviews. I was super nervous for them, but because I came prepared and did my research, I was very happy with how they went. I was offered the position and accepted it. I wanted to offer some tips that helped me to those who will be applying to jobs soon.


  • Resume Paper
  • Report Cover/Folder to hold resume
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Interview Outfit

Step 1: Build a Strong Resume

  • This is the first thing employers see when they are looking at your job applications
  • I had an objective, education, abilities, experience, and references. It’s important to include any past employer’s you have had. They will ask you for this.
  • Print your resume on special resume paper and bring a physical copy to the interview.

Step 2: Build a Strong Cover Letter

  • Include two or three paragraphs.
  • One paragraph should explain why you are the best candidate for that position.
  • Another should explain why you are interested in their company, and what you have to offer them.
  • Include key words from their values and mission statement.

Step 3: Research the Company

  • You should always look up the company’s mission statement, vision, and values.
  • You should gear your cover letter and resume towards each company.
  • Bring up the mission statement in the interview to impress them
  • Explain how you relate to their values.

Step 4: Dress to Impress

  • You should always dress professionally.

  • Gear your look towards the job you are interviewing for.

  • It is always better to dress up rather than down.

  • Ensure there are no wrinkles. Steam your outfit.

  • It is good to have two solid interview outfits.

  • Remember to cover up any tattoos.

Step 5: Prepare to Answer the Tough Questions

  • Always practice aloud before going into your interview.
  • Lack of confidence can hinder you from doing your best.
  • Be prepared for off the wall questions as well. There is usually no right or wrong answer to these, they just want to see how you will respond.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more interviews you attend, the better you will become.

Step 6: Write Down Your Questions Before

  • Always ask questions at your interviews.
  • Employer’s want to know that you are eager to learn.
  • You should gear them towards the company and type of job.
  • Examples:
    • What type of management style would you say you have?
    • How long is orientation?
    • What kind of person are you looking to hire for this position?

Step 7: Follow Up

  • It is important to follow up after the interview.
  • It shows a big step of initiative.
  • A simple email the day after the interview thanking them for their time is a good move.
  • You should state that you really enjoyed meeting them, and you look forward to speaking again soon.
  • This is polite and it shows you really care. It is also very professional.