Introduction: How to Achieve Great Curls on Long Hair

Always wondered how to get those loose, big curls with your long hair? Look no further! It's an easy process that anyone can achieve! This instructuable will help you to perfect those bouncy waves that will look great on you!

Before we begin make sure you have the supplies necessary to complete this process. You will need one large barrel (1.5 - 2 inch) curling iron, several hair clips (whatever you feel will work to hold back pieces of hair while curling), hairspray and a comb. Now you should be ready to get started!

Step 1: Step 1

For our first step make sure that your hair is in a clean, dry, and natural state. We want to work with hair that will hold curls so therefore hair that already has been styled with a hair iron (ex: straightener) will not be best. Instead begin this process fresh with just simply combed and dry hair that is ready to be curled!

Step 2: Step 2

Now let's get ready to curl! Take your comb and begin to lift, along with your hands, the top and middle layer of the hair. Collect all of the hair around the crown of the head and now grab your hair clips. You will want to clip the pieces of hair you have just gathered, to the side. This makes it possible for you now to work easily with the bottom layer of the hair.

The only hair accessible and not clipped should be the bottom layer of the hair. We will work with this next!

Step 3: Step 3

With the bottom layer of hair accessible, estimate about one or two inches of hair using your comb and hands to pull out this section for curling. Once you are holding the section take your curling iron and wrap around the top of the section of hair. You can choose to curl in or away from the face. The decision is yours!

Make certain however that you begin curling the hair from the top. Wrap the hair close to the scalp around the curling iron and hold for around 20 seconds. As this time passes loosen up the curling iron grip just slightly and pull the iron down slowly to gather more of the strand of hair. Hold the curling iron on this strand for as long as you feel is necessary. It usually is best to wait around 20 seconds. After doing this, gently remove the strand from the curling iron.

Step 4: Step 4

After releasing the curl in the previous step you will want to make sure the curl stays in the hair. Take the hairspray you gathered with your other supplies earlier and lightly spritz the strand that you just finished curling. Avoid using too much hairspray just yet; we only use this quick spray right now to help hold the curl in the strand and avoid the curl falling flat.

Step 5: Step 5

After spraying your first curl then continue on to curl the other pieces of the bottom, exposed layer of hair. Grab the hair located next to your first curled strand. Try to keep the width of the new strand approximate to the first strand. Again curl this hair from the top down and set the curl with a light spritz of hairspray. Do this to each strand around the bottom layer until the whole bottom layer of hair is curled entirely. Don't forget your hairspray spritz after each curled piece!

Step 6: Step 6

You have successfully finished curling your first section of hair and now are ready to begin the process of curling the next section! Take out your clip holding back the top and mid layers of hair. If you would like you may choose to section off one side of the top/mid section, as you will be curling along the top layers now and this may be of benefit to you by breaking  up the section.

Step 7: Step 7

Now we will be basically repeating what we did along the bottom layer of hair except this time for the top and mid layer. Take a piece of hair around one or even two inches wide from the top section of hair. Begin to curl starting from the top of the strand and working your way down with the iron. Spritz the hair lightly with your hairspray used earlier, after every curl is made. Continue to curl each strand in this area.

Step 8: Step 8

Next unclip the top/mid layer of the hair that is pinned up currently. You will be curling this section of hair next.

Step 9: Step 9

Again take one to two inch pieces of the hair and curl them from the top with the curling iron. After wrapping all of the hair to the bottom of the strand around the iron, release the curl and spritz lightly with hairspray. Continue to curl the rest of the sectioned hair you had just unclipped. By the end of this step you should have curled each piece of hair and section on the head.

Step 10: Step 10

Now that you have curled all of the hair it is time for some last finishing touches. Using your hands and comb you can position pieces how you would like throughout the head. You may even choose to bring some curls to the front to rest on the shoulders.

Step 11: Step 11

For this final step take your hairspray and spray the finished head of hair. Your completed hair should have bouncy, loose, large curls and give a full, thick, look to your hair!

You have just successfully completed this instructable on how to achieve great curls with long hair! Great job!