Introduction: How to Animate Your Drawings on Photoshop ?

Hello !

Today, let's learn about how to animate a drawing on Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we will not aquire any drawing skill on a tablet or photoshop. I will only show you how you can animate your drawings, and make simple animations on your pictures :)


Photoshop is the only tool you'll need for this tutorial !

But here I also used the Slate graphic tablet and its software to draw. You can draw directly on photoshop.

Step 1: Draw What You Have in Mind !

Either on a tablet or directly on Photoshop :

1) Open the software : it is easier to draw directly on Photoshop, since you can organize your drawings on different layers. But do as you are used to ! Here, I draw on my tablet software.

2) Draw the shape of your drawing, and fill them with the colors you want.


- On photoshop : separate the different shapes of your drawing on different layers. That will be easier to animate them.

- If you have drawn on a tablet, export your drawings as a JPEG document, and then open it on photoshop.

TIPS : Add details you'll want to use later on your drawings : here, I add small strokes that I wanted to add on my drawings later.

Step 2: Delete the Background

Now your future animated element are on photoshop, we have to delete the backgroung of the drawing to integrate it perfectly on the picture.

> Use the magic wand (in yellow on the picture).

> Select the background, and press delete (picture 2).

> Grey and white squares will appear on your screen : mission accomplished ;) (picture 3).

> It's now time to adjust your drawing if needed ! For example, I added small details on one of the figures.

Step 3: Select the Items & Add to Picture

1) Choose a picture (here, little cabins on the beach), and open it in a new document on Photoshop. Renamed the layer "background" - it will only helps you oganize your animation.

2) Go back on your drawing, and select the elements you want to animate (picture 1)

3) Copy and paste them on the original picture. Each of the step of your animation should be on a different layer. Named them "step 1", "step 2" etc for the next step to be easier (picture 2)

Resize the elements if needed (on Photoshop, you can use Ctrl+T to quickly modify the size and position).

Step 4: Animation

1) To create an animation : click on "timeline", on the bottom of the screen. Then click on "Create a timeline". Now click on the three square, on the bottom left of the screen. (picture)

2) You can now define the lenght of appearence for each layer.

3) If you want the animation to automatically cycle, click on the repeat menu at the bottom andmoify the paramater.

Step 5: Export & Save

It's done !

You can now export your video.

- Choose File > Export > Render Video.

- Choose a name for the file, and select the location for the video.

- You can now choose a file format

Step 6: You're Now a Pro !

I hope you have learn easily how to animate pictures on photoshop !

From that base, you can easily upgrade your skills by trying new ideas, and use often the tool.

Don't forget to send me your videos ! :)

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