Introduction: Acrylic Pouring Diptych With Almost Nothing !

You may have heard about this mysterious and peculiar painting technique : acrylic pouring !

Let's do together a diptych, with almot nothing ;)

Most of the tutorials ask for a lot of materials : here, let's just enjoy and experience the pleasure of this technique without many supplies to buy !


- Something to protect your worktable

- A basin

- Acrylic paint (as many colors as you want) For this tutorial, I have blue, purple, pink and white.

I prefer to use 4 colors or less (including white), for the rendering to stay smooth. I also love to play with contrasts : dark colors and bright colors...

- Pouring medium : a pouring medium allows your paint to be smoothe. It also prevents the painting from cracking. You can buy this product in any kind of art store, or online.

- Water

- Plastic glasses (one per color + 1 for each canva + 2 more). For this tutorial, I will use glass pots to keep the paint for another project.

- 2 canvas, or as many as you want !

- Some sticks to mix the paint (I personally use old brushes )

Step 1: Create Your Mixture

Choose your colors and pour each of them in one plastic glass/glass pot (one glass per color). You'll need a lot of paint !

For each glass :

- 1/3 paint

- 1/3 pouring medium

- 1/3 water (It can be more or less depending on your paint)

Mix well with a stick : it should be quite liquid but still "elastic".

Let it rest for a few minutes to remove the bubbles.

Optional : You can add in one of your mixture few drops of silicon oil. This will create a "scale" pattern. I do not use this technique here, but you will find a lot of tutorials online if you want to try it !

Step 2: Get Ready !

Let the fun begins !

1/ Take your basin, put two plastic glasses in it and place the first canva on the glasses so that it wont touch the basin (it will allow the paint to flow)

2/ Take a plastic glass (I prefer to use a bigger one for this step, that allows me to put more paint at once).

Pour the first color in it, then the second, the third... and so on. Follow your intuition !

Step 3: Let the Fun Begin !

Put your canva on the glass full of your paints.

1, 2, 3 : upturn ! Don't forget to put your canva back in the bassin.

Take away the glass, and let the paint flow until it reaches the canvas' edges.

You can help spread the paint all over by moving your canva. You can also countrol the movements in the painting ! Round effect, hide a color...

For exemple, in the picture, you can see a tried to hide the pink color, by letting it flows under the dark blue.

Optional : You can add some paint again on the canva if you want to add a hint of color.


You can now do the same for the second canva.

Step 4: Enjoy !

Now that the paint has flowed, you can let the canva rest for a while. Be careful : it can take up to 48h to dry !

Here is the result :)

What about yours ? Don't hesitate to share your results !

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