Introduction: How To: Basic BMX Tricks

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The tricks in this instructable are the most basic for new and up and coming bmx riders.

Step 1: What You Should Have

Well, first of all your gonna need a bmx bike (not a mountain bike).
A man made water way or wash and a street.
For me and my friends, protection (helmets padding) optional.

Step 2: J-Hop

To jay-hop pull up and lean back. once your front tire is at desired height push forward bringing up your back tire. Now that both tires are in the air pull the whole bike towards you to reach your full height.

Step 3: 2 Tire Stall(done in Wash)

This is a park trick.
Ride strait up the face of the transition(the lip). Now j-hop and turn the bike 90 degrees which ever way you want. Once your tires reach the top of the transition hold your bike in place then just hop 90 degrees back in.

Step 4: Disaster(done in Wash)

This is a park trick.
Ride strait up the front of the transition. Almost at the top jay hop and spin 180 degrees. when you hit the ground make sure your back tire is out of the pipe and your front tire is in then hop back in.

Step 5: Fakie Out

To fakie out simply roll backwards while pedaling backwards too then turn around straiten up and ride forwards.

Step 6: 180

To 180  you are going to want to ride forward then lift your front tire and look over your shoulder. then lift and kick out your back tire turning you completely around. Once backwards fakie out.

Step 7: 360

A 360 is done the same way as a 180 but, a 360 is one complete spin all the way around no fakie needed.

Step 8: Bubuca(done in Wash)

This is a park trick
To bubuca ride strait up the transition then j-hop at the top at the top of the transition land on your back tire, lean back and balance. Hold, hop in and fakie out.

Step 9: You Can Ride!!!

Now that you have those basic tricks down you can learn the variations.