Introduction: How to Beat Pocket Mortys With Only the Original Morty

This Instructable will lead you step by step through your quest to become the best Rick of them all in the popular mobile game Pocket Mortys. If not approached the proper way, Pocket Mortys can be difficult to master and slow to complete. This guide is intended to be used by players both new and experienced in this game. Depending on how much knowledge of the game and its genre you have, completing the game from start to finish can take anywhere between 10 and 15 hours of gameplay. If you follow this guide closely, you will find that many of the boring and drawn out parts of the game pass by much more quickly and the game to be more enjoyable. Plus, you can brag to your friends about having beaten the whole game with a single Morty!

DISCLAIMER: This guide does not cover the multitude of quests available in The Citadel or crafting items beyond what is necessary to beat the game. Also, while the title of the guide is "How To Beat Pocket Mortys With Only the Original Morty", this strategy does use other Mortys, just not for battling with. This is not a guide on how to beat the game with only one Morty.

Step 1: Learn the Basics of Morty-to-Morty Combat

The most important aspect, and where you'll spend most your time playing, in Pocket Mortys is the combat system. While not terribly complex, understanding the strategy used in this guide is critical for beating the game. Here is a breakdown of how to use each of your options while in a battle. Also, the Original Morty will hereby be referred to as "Morty"

Since Morty learns new attacks at various levels, the level they are learned will be listed in parentheses next to the name of the attack. Morty's only starting attack is Outburst (5).


  • Since Morty can only know four attacks at once, you will be replacing moves every once in a while. Use the following attack set throughout your play-through, replacing weaker attacks as you learn stronger ones:

Strongest Attack | Second Strongest Attack | Belch | Cry/Mortify

  • Until Morty learns Mortify (22), use Cry (6) 1 to 3 times before attacking to weaken an enemy so that Outburst and other attacks requires less uses to defeat them.
  • Belch (10)increases the accuracy of all attacks from 95% to 100%, so in order to prevent Morty from missing attacks that would possibly win or lose battles, use Belch (10) as your first attack in atrainer battle.


  • There are three healing items that restore health to your Mortys: Serum (20HP), Great Serum (50HP), Sensational Serum (200HP), and Pure Serum (All HP). Primarily use each one that is closest to Morty's maximum health. To be the most efficient with your serums, only use them when Morty is within one hit of being dazed.
  • Halzinger can be used to revive a Morty if he is ever dazed. Don't revive Support Mortys (explained in the Switch section) with Halzinger.
  • Plutonic Rock will restore 50% of the maximum AP for all attacks on a single Morty. Use this only after you have used at least half all attacks' AP to maximize effectiveness.


  • This strategy relies partially on having extra Mortys in your party to be used as Support Mortys. If Morty is ever at low health after defeating a trainer's Morty or dazed in battle, switch to one of your extra Mortys and use an item to heal your Morty.
  • I would suggest having at most two Support Mortys. Use more if you feel the need to. Two is a good amount, because if you want to return to the Citadel of Ricks without beating the Boss Rick (see the next step), having to daze only three Mortys is much faster than six Mortys.
  • If you ever switch to another Morty, just let it be dazed by your opponent after using items so that you can switch back to your Original Morty without being hit with an unnecessary attack. If you switch without being prompted, which happens after a Morty is dazed, you will be hit by the attack intended for your Morty that was just active.


  • The only time you can use Run is during battles with wild Mortys. The only time you should run from a wild Morty is if you forgot to heal your Morty after a battle and the wild Morty would easily daze you. Running from a battle will leave the wild Morty in the wild until you confront it again.

Step 2: Learn the Basics of Traversing the Dimensions

From the Citadel of Ricks, you have access to a portal at the mid-bottom of the area that will bring you to one of the many different dimensions of Pocket Mortys. Each dimension has a multitude of trainers, wild Mortys, items, and one "Boss Rick", who gives you a badge and access to the exit portal for that dimension.

You will find that each dimension looks very different from the others, but the placements of trainers have very similar patterns. Here are some tips for maximizing your reward for going through each dimension:

Battling in the Dimensions

  • Try to avoid trainers when you are not trying to level up. Battling trainers will usually result in you using your precious items and will always cost you a good amount of AP on your attacks. Sometimes a trainer will be unavoidable when traversing to the Boss Rick, which should be the only time you fight a trainer when trying to get to the Boss Rick.
  • If you notice, trainers usually occupy the middle of a three-space path that they are facing. If you always make sure to walk on the outer two spaces of the paths, you should very rarely walk into an unwanted trainer battle. Don't be afraid to find an alternate path around a trainer.
  • Fight as many wild Mortys as you can. Wild Mortys reward you with the similar amounts of Shmeckles as trainers and will always give you a crafting item. The only benefit of purposely battling trainers is gaining more experience because they usually have more than one Morty.
  • If your Morty has low health, let your whole team be dazed! If your whole team is dazed, you will be transported, with the help of Bird Person, back to the Citadel of Ricks where your Mortys will be fully healed free of charge! Take advantage of this often to preserve your serums, plutonic rocks, and halzingers.

Finding Items and the Boss Rick

  • As you travel around the dimensions, you'll find that items are scattered about. Pick them up if that is convenient for you, but those are not necessary. One item you should be on the lookout for is the grey and green item box. They are usually worth fighting a trainer or going out of your way to get to because they give you free Shmeckles, items, and sometimes Blips and Chitz Coupons and Mega Seeds!
  • When looking for the Boss Rick, keep on the lookout for long, straight paths, because the Boss Rick's platform is always surrounded by a large square of paths. Another option is to let your Mortys get dazed so you are sent back to the Citadel of Ricks, head through the portal again, and hope the Boss Rick's platform is closer to where you start.

Managing Your Shmeckles

  • Save your Shmeckles! The crux of the Original Morty strategy is to save up your Shmeckles until you beat enough Council Members until you can buy Mega Seeds from Salesman Rick's. Craft healing items and/or force your Mortys to be dazed for free healing at the Citadel of Ricks to save yourself from spending your precious Shmeckles.

Step 3: Learn the Basics of Item Crafting

Item crafting is very important in your quest to be the game with Morty because it allows you to obtain critical healing items without spending Shmeckles, which we want to save as much as we can for later in the game. If you can help it, never spend Shmeckles on healing items from Salesman Rick. Here are the recipes for the important healing items you'll need:


  • Serum: Battery + Fleeb
  • Great Serum: Battery + Purified Fleeb
  • Superb Serum: Serum + Super Battery
  • Plutonic Rock: Battery + Bacteria Cell
  • Halzinger: Battery + Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
  • Purified Fleeb: Fleeb + Turbulent Juice Tube
  • Battery: Fleeb + Can + Red Cable
  • Super Battery: Battery + Turbulent Juice Tube

Step 4: Collect Two Badges and Beat the First Council Member

Before battling Rick Prime, the first Council Member, you must first earn two badges from beating Boss Ricks in the portal dimensions. To prepare for this battle and Council battles, use all of your items to craft as many serums as you can. Also, since we are only using Morty, you want to make sure that Morty is strong enough to face off against an entire trainer by itself, so a good rule of thumb is to train your Morty so that it is always two to three levels higher than the wild Mortys in the dimensions.

An important tip for battling any of the council members is to use them to train against. Council Members' Mortys give very good experience compared to the Mortys you fight in the dimensions, so a good strategy is to grind, or beat all of the Council Member's Mortys except for the last one, allowing you to gain experience from them over and over again as you are taken to be healed every time you lose. Do your best not to use items when grinding so that you have enough when you decide to beat the Council Member.

To consolidate the important information for future steps, I will format the important information for battling each Council Member similarly:

At level 6, Morty will learn Cry.

At level 8, Morty will learn Flail.


Rick Prime

Required Badges: 2

Recommended Morty Level: 8

Grind Until Morty Level: 9

Council Member's Mortys:

- Exo Alpha (6)

- Spooky (6)

Rewards: 300 Shmeckles, 1 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 5: Collect a Few More Badges and Beat the Second Council Member

This Rick will be much more difficult than the last, mostly because he has four Mortys instead of just two. You will be able to grind quite a few levels here. Do not be afraid to use serums to secure KOs on Mortys you are close to dazing so that you get the experience from them. The battles will get easier as you grind more levels.

At level 10, Morty will learn Belch.

At level 14, Morty will learn Swing. Replace Outburst with Swing.


Quantum Rick

Required Badges: 6

Recommended Morty Level: 12

Grind Until Morty Level: 17

Council Member's Mortys:

- No Eye (12)

- Unkempt (13)

- Beard (14)

- Business (15)

Rewards: 500 Shmeckles, 1 Mr. Meeseeks Box, 1 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 6: Collect Even More Badges and Beat the Third Council Member

This Rick has some very strong Mortys. If you find yourself not being able to beat the Mortys, collect some extra badges, train against trainers, and collect Shmeckles and items in the dimensions. After defeating Quantum Rick, feel free to use the Level Up Mega Seed. You earned it.

At level 19, Morty will learn Rush. Replace Flail with Rush.

At level 22, Morty will learn Mortify. Replace Cry with Mortify.


Quantum Rick

Required Badges: 11

Recommended Morty Level: 19

Grind Until Morty Level: 22

Council Member's Mortys:

- Veiny (17)

- Giant Head (18)

- Off The Grid (19)

- Hammerhead (19)

- Multi (20)

Rewards: 1000 Shmeckles, 1 Level Up Mega Seed, 1 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 7: Keep Collecting Those Badges and Beat the Fourth Council Member

Now that you have Mortify, battles should be getting easier. Focus your battle strategy on using Mortify enough times at the beginning of the battle (against trainers and Council Members) to be able to take down each Morty in two hits. After beating Zeta Alpha Rick, you now have access to Attack Mega Seeds at Salesman Rick's! See the next step for utilizing them.

At level 26, Morty will learn Fierce Lunge. Replace Swing with Fierce Lunge.

At level 30, Morty will learn Stare Down. Do not teach Morty Stare Down.


Zeta Alpha Rick

Required Badges: 20

Recommended Morty Level: 26

Grind Until Morty Level: 31

Council Member's Mortys:

- Wizard (25)

- Psychokinetic (26)

- Skeleton (27)

- Three Eye (28)

- Gaseous (29)

Rewards: 1000 Shmeckles, 1 each Attack/Defense/Speed Mega Seeds, 1 Mr. Meeseeks Box, 1 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 8: Almost There! Collect the Penultimate Set of Badges and Beat the Penultimate Council Member

Now that you have beaten Zeta Alpha Rick, you can buy Attack Mega Seeds at Salesman Rick's! At 1000 Shmeckles each, they permanently raise Morty's attack stat by 10, which is the equivalent of three to four levels each seed! Spend all of your Shmeckles on as many you can buy and use them all on Morty.

Now that Morty is extraordinarily powerful, he should be able to defeat most Mortys in one hit! If not, fight as many wild Mortys as you can and buy more Attack Mega Seeds. Instead of focusing on leveling Morty up, now you should focus on buying as many mega seeds as you can. Avoid trainer battles to preserve AP.

At level 36, Morty will learn Unleash, his most powerful attack! Replace Rush with Unleash.


Ricktiminus Sancheziminius

Required Badges: 30

Recommended Morty Level: 36

Grind Until Morty Level: 41

Council Member's Mortys:

- Mermaid (35)

- Green Shirt (36)

- Wrestler (37)

- Robot (38)

- Cowboy (39)

Rewards: 2000 Shmeckles, 1 each Attack/Defense/Speed Mega Seeds, 1 Mr. Meeseeks Box, 1 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 9: Collect the Final Set of Badges and Beat the Mysterious Rick

Battles should be pretty straightforward now. Keep buying Attack Mega Seeds whenever you can. If you find yourself attacking after your opponent's Morty, that means your speed is lower than your opponent, and you should buy some Speed Mega Seeds. Once you're ready and have all 42 badges, you're ready to fight the final Rick!


Crazy Mysterious Rick

Required Badges: 42

Recommended Morty Level: 45

Grind Until Morty Level: 50

Council Member's Mortys:

- Crazy Cat (45)

- Colossal Head (46)

- Phantom (47)

- Hobo (48)

- Mascot (50)

Rewards: Portal Gun, 3000 Shmeckles, 1 each Attack/Defense/Speed Mega Seeds, 1 Mr. Meeseeks Box, 3 Blips and Chitz Coupon

Step 10: You Did It! Enjoy Your Post-Game Glory

Congratulations! You have beaten all of the Council of Ricks and you get your portal gun and a cool cape to boot! Morty should be around level 50 now with obscene amounts of attack stat. The next step, as stated by the Council Members, is to catch all of the Mortys that we have mostly been dazing. You can buy Morty Manipulator Chips from Salesman Rick's shop to catch Mortys. Other than that, you can also talk to all of the citizens of the Citadel of Ricks with question marks over their heads and craft whatever items they need at the closest crafting bench. Some of the quests give you some useful rewards. Other than that, you have completed the game! Go brag to your friends!

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