Introduction: How to Braid Medium to Long Hair

- you will need a hairbrush, pony tail, hairspray, and accessory (optional)

Step 1: Gather All Hair to the Back of Head

Step 2: Brush Out Hair

- make sure to get all the tangles out

Step 3: Split Hair Into Three Even Sections

- if your sections are not even then you will have hair falling out as you braid

Step 4: Take the Piece From the Left and Place It Over the Middle

Step 5: Now Take the Piece From the Right and Put It Over the Left Piece You Placed Over the Middle

Step 6: Continue Steps Three and Four Till Completed

Step 7: Tie Pony Tail at the End of Braid

Step 8: Take Each Side of the Braid and Loosen Hair to Make It Look Thicker

Step 9: Lightly Spray Hairspray to Hold It All Together

- use whatever hairspray that you like

Step 10: Add a Hair Accessory (optional)