Introduction: How to Buff a Vehicle

Many people have had a nasty scratch on their vehicles paint and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to get it repaired. Well today I am going to show you the easiest most inexpensive way to remove those unwanted scratches and make your vehicle look like new.

Step 1:

For this process you will need the following supplies. You will need two to three micro fiber clothes and a bucket or water for the cleaning and removal process. You will also need three to five thousand grit sandpaper or a buffing wheel. In order to sand or buff your vehicle you will need a rubbing compound or polishing product I prefer a polishing compound.

Step 2:

In the first step to buffing out your vehicle to remove any imperfections you are going to want to take one of your microfiber clothes and a bucket of water and remove any dirt or mud on the surface you want to buff. This step is very important otherwise you may create more of a problem if surface is not fully clean.

Step 3:

After you have completed cleaning the area you want to buff it is time to grab your buffer or sandpaper and your compound. In the picture below you can see I have applied a generous amount of polish to my sandpaper which is what you want to do as well. After you have applied your product to your sandpaper or buffer you want to gently apply pressure to your vehicle and rub back forth about 20 times in a given area. Make sure not to apply to much pressure as this can cause paint damage.

Step 4:

After you have buffed out your vehicle you want to wait for the product to dry. This ensures that all the scratches have been filled and it also helps in the removal process. In the video you can see what this step should look like after you have buffed and before the removal of the product process.

Step 5:

After you have let the product dry you want to take one of your clean micro fiber clothes and gently wipe off the dried product. In the pictures you can see I have made a streak going through the center. It’s important to wipe off all the dried on product so you do not have splotches of product as you are driving down the road. This is what your vehicle should look like after all these processes have been completed.