Introduction: How to Build Negitoro Sushi With Legos - Stop Motion Prop

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Today we are going to be going over a tutorial for a Japanese favorite, which is the Negitoro sushi. It can be found at any sushi restaurant or kaiten sushi in Japan, and is popular amongst kids. Using a simple combination of pink and black Legos with one or two light green plates, we will be showing you how to build this at home.

Made up of leftover tuna that can't be used for sashimi, the fatty portion of the bone with green onion is certainly delicious.

How long will this project take?: 10 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Age Level: K-3rd Grade


What Lego Parts Do I need?

Part 3010 Black x 6 Units

Part 3009 Black x 6 Units

Part 3007 Black x 3 Units

Part 3023 Bright Pink x 10 Units

Part 3010 Bright Pink x 2 Units

Part 3009 Bright Pink x 2 Units

Part 3007 Bright Pink x 1 Unit

Part 3024 Bright Green x 2 Units

Part 3023 Bright Green x 2 Units

Step 1: Starting the Nori

Nori which means dry seaweed in Japanese is the origin point that we are going to be starting with this project.

Using black bricks create the first layer.

Step 2:

The piece should look like this as the first layer

Step 3:

Repeat step 1

Step 4:

Place the 2nd layer on top of the first layer of black bricks

Step 5:

Repeat step 1 again

Step 6: Complete the Nori

Stack the layers on top, creating a three layer of black bricks to serve as the nori

Step 7: Adding the Tuna

Create a layer of bright pink bricks to serve as the tuna on top of the seaweed base that we had created.

Step 8: Adding the Tuna

Add a layer texturing for the sashimi slices on top of the nori/seaweed with a layer of bright pink plates.

Step 9: Adding the Negi

Using 1 x 1 and 1 x 2 light green plates, add texturing to your sushi and it is complete!