Introduction: How to Make a Retro Lego SMB Fire Mario Using LEGOs - Build Instructions

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Today we will be going over a tutorial on how to build a Fire Mario with Legos. This was the Mario transformation after he powered up with a Fire Flower. It takes quite a lot of white, red, and yellow bricks, however was a fun build which reminded me a lot of Gameboy Mario, which was a childhood favorite of mine on the 64.

How Long Will It Take To Build?: 30 Minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Step 1: Parts Needed for the Lego Mario Build

Step 2: Mario's Shoes

Step 3: Mario's Pants

Step 4: Mario's Shirt

Step 5: Mario's Hands

Step 6: Mario's Shirt, Last Touches

Step 7: Mario's Face

Step 8: Mario's Hat

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