How to Build Solar Based Power Bank Using Dead Mobile's Battery

Introduction: How to Build Solar Based Power Bank Using Dead Mobile's Battery

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This Project is Solar Based Power bank at home with the use of dead mobile phone's battery. We can use any battery equivalent to mobile battery with the same schematic.

Solar Panel will charge the battery and we can use the battery's power to charge mobile later.

Step 1: Component Required:

You can find the schematic in Video.

Component Required:

1x Solar Panel 6V output

1x Mobile Phone Battery

1x TP4056

1 x USB Boost Converter

Step 2: Working

Solar Panel will provide the +5v volt when it gets proper sunlight at peak time and it will charge the battery with the help of TP4056.

TP4056 is battery charger which will provide 4.2 volt to charge the battery and red light will indicate the charging is status.

Once green light glows then it indicates that battery is charged fully.

TP4056 has output pins which will provide the power from battery. So, this connection will go to the boost converter which will provide 5 volt to USB connector where we can connect the mobile phone to charge the mobile.

Step 3: Schematic

Step 4: Demo

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    2 years ago

    Hi! I like it! Practical and simple project, I save it to make in the future....