Introduction: How to Build a 5 Gallon Self Wicking Tomato Watering Container

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This self wicking tomato watering container is designed to be easily built by anyone. The watering system will manage your tomatoes for 2-3 days without being refilled. The cost of supplies, minus soil and tomatoes, is under $10.  It can be built in under 30 minutes. It will provide you 'peace of mind' when you have to leave your tomatoes untended for your weekend travels. You can grow peppers in this system as well as bush variety vine crops.

2 Five Gallon Paint Buckets from a do-it-yourself store (2.99 each)
2 Standard Kitchen Sponges (.99 a 4 pack)
1 Cotton Towel (recycled from your home)
1 Small Funnel (optional ) ($1 each)

Sharp Knife
Clippers (optional)
Drill with 1/4 inch bit (optional)

*The 5 gallon paint buckets bought at the do-it-yourself stores are SOFT plastic and can be managed with a short bladed knife.

Planting Material:
Any Planting Mix with a good amount of organic matter in it like peat moss.

*Potting mixes and garden soil mixes should work well. You don't want plain topsoil. There isn't enough organic matter in the product to help wick and hold water. I recommend any product that says 'moisture control' on it.

Two Videos:
There are 2 videos that show the complete process from construction to planting the tomato. There are text boxes in each video to highlight the steps. This designed is based on ease of construction, cost of materials and function.