Introduction: How to Build a Bench With 2x4s – With Plans

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I decided (well actually my wife) to update the style of our dining area to a table and 2 long benches, instead of the chairs we had in place.
I decided to build the benches using 2x4" timber as we wanted a rugged, rustic look to it.


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Tools required

Materials required (see figure 1):

(1) 2x4" timber, 62" (1575 mm) long, Qty 3

(2) 2x4" timber, 15" (381 mm) long, Qty 4

(3) 2x4" timber, 7" (178 mm) long, Qty 2

(4) 2x4" timber, 3.5" (89 mm) long, Qty 2

(5) 3" (75 mm) wood screws, Qty 32

- Wood glue, As required

- Sand paper, As required

Step 1: Instructions

  1. Cut 2×4″ timber to the sizes listed in the materials required section and figure 1, items 1 to 4. The lumber can be cut using either a hand saw or skill saw. See the recommended tools listed after the instructions.
  2. Drill two holes in each of the four lumber items (2), as shown in figure 2. Apply wood glue to both ends of the items (3), as shown in figure 3.
  3. Attach two of the lumber items (2) to each of the lumber items (3) using wood screws (5), as shown in figure 4.
  4. Drill two holes in the center of the items (3), as shown in figure 5.
  5. Cut a 2 inch corner off of the items (4), as shown in figure 6.
  6. Apply wood glue to one straight side of the items (4), as shown in figure 7.
  7. Attach one item (4) to each of the items (3) using wood screws (5), as shown in figure 8. These are the assembled legs of the bench.
  8. Drill 2 holes at each end of the lumber items (1), as shown in figure 9.
  9. Drill another hole at each end on one of the items (1) as shown in figure 10.
  10. Apply wood glue to the top of the assembled legs, as shown in figure 11.
  11. Attach the item (1) (mentioned in step 10) to the top of the assembled legs using 6 x wood screws (5), as shown in figure 12. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that the legs are positioned 2 inches from the ends of the item (1) and centered on the legs before screwing the screws (5) into the assembled legs. Insert a screw into all 6 holes on item (1).
  12. On the remaining two items (1), drill an additional hole at each end, as shown in figure 13.
  13. Attach these items (1) to each side of the assembled legs along side the other item (1) with wood screws (5). Leave a 0.15 inch gap in between these items (1), as shown in figure 14.
  14. The bench is now assembled.

Step 2: Finishing the Bench

  1. Optional: To complete the bench, cut the four corners round using a jigsaw, as shown in figure 15.
  2. Sand the bench with sand paper for a smoother finish, either by hand or using a orbital sander.
  3. Optional: Paint the bench with paint or varnish the bench to protect the wood.

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