Introduction: How to Build a Cat Hammock

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- wooden bars

- rope

- wood glue

- washers

- compound saw

Step 1: Cutting the Wood Bars


Cut the wood bars into the right length. Use a compound saw to cut an angle of 20 degree at the three bars of the main construction. As a result, you will get an angle of 140 degree at the connection point. Cut an angle at the end of the two smaller bars, so the surface is parallel to the ground.


Measure the distance between the frame to figure out how many bars you need. Then cut the Wood bars into the right length. Draw a line at the end of the wooden bars so the surface narrows at the end. Cut along the line.

Drill two holes through each bar with the same distance.

Step 2: Make an Stable Stand

Cut out two squares where you can place wooden bars to secure the construction against tilting over.

Step 3: Made the Rope Mount

Use two smaller wooden bars a drill two holes each through the bars.

Step 4: Glue the Stand Together

Glue the pieces together:

First the three main bars and wait until the glue is dry.

Following glue the bars against tilting and the rope mounting onto the frame. Don´t forget to add weight onto the construction while drying

Step 5: Painting the Wood

Use some water-based wood color to protect the wood from rot.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Use two ropes and knot the ends. Place a wood bar and washers (4 pcs) alternating on the rope. Made another knot at the end of the other side.

Step 7: Finish

Use your pet´s favorite bed or blanket and place it on top of the hammock. Your pet will be afraid of the construction at the beginning but give them some time.

I hope you enjoyed the instructable as much as my cat his new place to rest.

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