Introduction: How to Build a Minecraft House

How to build a minecraft house.

Step 1: Log on to Your Username

First,log on to your username make sure it is your name.

Step 2: Log on to Your Game

Next,log on to your minecraft game.

Step 3: Make a World

Then,make a world and put it on creative mode and load it.

Step 4: Find a Spot

Also, when you spawn in your world find a spot to build.when you find a spot press square then grab 1 block of wood also get doors and glass, stairs, a chest ,a fernes,a crafting table, a anval, torches,a ladders.

Step 5: Fill in the Spots

Then , fill in the spots and put torches in the house for light.

Step 6: Put a Door

Then,put in doors so mobs do not come in your house.

Step 7: Make a Roof

Next,make a roof so rain does not get in your house.

Step 8: Add Glass

Also, add glass so some light comes in.

Step 9: Then Go on the Floor

Next, go on the floor add a fernes and a crafting table then put chest down also ge a bed.

Step 10: Also Get a Enchantment Table

Also, get a enchantment table and books,and a painting.

Step 11: Next Use Torches

Next, use torches to block mobs from hitting you.

Step 12: Finally, Enjoy

Finally, put flowers outside and in enjoy your house.