Introduction: How to Build a 'Wire Spinner' (DIY Farm Fencing)

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I built this wire spinner from scraps I had laying around the farm.

It worked far better than I expected and saved us a ton of money.

This was built well over a year ago, and we still get it out now and then,

whenever we need to make a new fence or fix an old one.

Step 1:

Mark out three 800mm x 800mm squares.
I used left over MDF, but marine ply would be a better option

(especially if it happens to rain while you are fencing).

Step 2:

Cut out your 3 squares.

Step 3:

Marked center. Placed on the role of wire.

Then worked out were I wanted my uprights to go.

Step 4:

Pick a hole saw bit, that is going to be larger than your center pole.

Step 5:

Then drill out a hole, in all 3 plates.

Step 6:

"You can skip this step" if you want....

This just lifts the reel up above the lower arms, that I attach a bit later on.

Step 7:

Cut all 8 uprights to just above the wire height.
Pre-drill the square plate and attach the uprights from underneath.

Step 8:

Pre-drill and attach the top plate into the uprights.
Attach 4 arms to the top.

Step 9:

And attach 4 arms to the bottom.
These are to prevent the wire from uncoiling. and creating a huge coil mess.

Step 10:

Time to make 3 washers.

Step 11:

Mark out 3 small squares
and drill out the centers with a hole saw.

Step 12:

Give them a good sand.

Step 13:

Place them on top of the bottom plate.
The 3 washers allow the spinner to take the path of least resistance.

Step 14:

Carry the reel into potion,
using the center pole as a handle.

Step 15:

Hammer your center pole into the ground.

Step 16:

Re-attach the arms, once it's in position.
(It's to difficult, moving it around with them attached).

Step 17:

And you are done.
On day 2 of fencing, we ended up not using the arms,

and the wire still stayed nice and neat on the reel.

Step 18:

Like I said at the beginning, we still use this spinner.

You could obviously modify this a lot, especially with the quality of materials used.

But this was a "hurry we need this now" kind of build.

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