Introduction: How to Build an a Frame Standing Sign

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Hey guys, this standing A frame sign can be used anywhere for anything.

It can withstand harsh weather conditions for a long period of time.

My main purpose for building it is for store fronts and Advertising

One side is a white board and the other can be used to slide in a print,

or another white board you can also use permanent marker to make it rain proof.

Please remember the wood material can only last a couple years in rain before it starts to rot.

Step 1: Materials

3 lenghts- white pine (.75" x 2.5")

1 lenght U channel aluminum (.5 x .5 x .5)

Miter saw


Gypsum screws

Staple gun


Oil paint or any weather proof paint

White vinyl

A light weight piece of material to stick the vinyl on

i used 1/8 PVC board as its weather proof and sturdy enough


This sign was made to be 3ft tall x 2ft wide

ill edit the description to just 1 frame even though i made 2

materials to cut

white pine:-

3ft (4 pcs) 45 degree cut on 1 edge of each material

2ft (2pcs) 45 degree on all edges

19" (2pcs)


Please refer to the video above for this part

i used wood glue on each edge and stapled it together on both sides

build the 4 faces first then let the glue dry

next you want to line them up straight and add the hinges

put together the frame and make sure the legs stand evenly

adjust the hinges to suit.


Now that your frame is built the next step is painting

For this i used a special outdoor oil paint. but any weather proof paint can work

The idea is to protect the wood as much as possible while also looking good.

Once the paint is dry i added one of these hook and ring sets on each side. (see image above)

This will keep the sign from opening and closing while in use.

Next step is to add the U channel aluminum (see image above)

I cut 3 pieces big enough for ONE SIDE OF THE FACE

2pcs (30") sides and the 1pcs (24") base

the sizes will depend on how you build your frame.

I used a very strong Grey back VHB tape (a super strong 2 sided tape)


I will do another tutorial on how to stick vinyl on any material.

I stuck the white vinyl on a sheet of PVC 30" x 24" and taped it to the frame

the same VHB tape from earlier.

And now your sign is completed!!!


You can make both sides a white board and skip the U channel slider.

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